“We’ve seen a lot of growth in the last few years. Particularly as we got more involved with virtual desktop stuff for school districts and businesses.

We were having a lot of trouble finding and retaining local staff for our 24/7 support graveyard shift. A lot of candidates would claim they could do it, but only stick it out for a month or two. Leaving us to pick up the pieces.

That meant we were often short-staffed and scrambling to fill the shift, which was hard on our core team.

We started with another offshoring company for 6-8 months. But it wasn’t working. The staff they gave us were working across a number of businesses. It was too rigid and did not allow us to train people on our specific processes. Our environments are pretty complicated, so training the right people to our systems is really important. Tech Elite let us do that. They gave us employees who work directly for us.

As we grew our offshore team, our local team were able to focus on more complicated and more important jobs rather than the phone calls and tickets coming in. It also allowed us to handle more work.

Today we’ve trained our offshore team on more and more tasks. Now they assist with the project side of things, like creating new environments, expanding things for clients, more complicated tasks.

If we found Tech Elite sooner, we could have grown our company faster. The old way of hiring is so time consuming for a small team like ours. We used to be overwhelmed with resumes. There was no vetting process. And the vast majority of people weren’t even taking the time to read our job description.

We really love Tech Elite’s vetting process. They don’t just throw resumes at you. All the people you interview have been vetted with multiple interviews and practical tests. That’s been really, really, really helpful.

We are very impressed.”

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