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Next to the people you work with and the tasks you perform in your job, your office environment is the most important aspect of your work. Management experts agree that your office environment is key to boosting employee morale, retention and productivity.

In the wake of the pandemic, we built a next-generation social workplace which is designed to give the maximum possible benefits to your staff, and make office-life much more fun.

We realised that many people working from home suffered from isolation, a lack of professional influence, stagnating career growth, overwork (or poor productivity), and more mental health challenges. So we set out to create an environment that brought many things to employee lives that they could NOT get by working at home.

We created a safe, spacious and infinitely entertaining social workspace, which is specifically focused on bringing people together and building relationships. This has already proven to bring joy to the lives of staff, significantly boost retention, and also improve recruitment. Every month we run events, install new activities, and support more staff interest groups, sports and hobbies.

Here are some of the ways the Technology Elite office is designed to be the happiest, most secure, and productive office in the Philippines…

Where We’re Not (And Why)

Most offshoring facilities are in the capital, Manila. With a population of 12 million metro and 21.3 million total, Manila holds the record for the most densely populated city in the world. It has 41,515 people per square kilometre. By comparison, Sydney has a density of 442 people per square kilometre – around one tenth the density.

Now, you may think a high population density would be an advantage when looking for staff (or a job). But in our experience, it leads to a transient, unstable workforce where people change jobs frequently.

It also puts pressure on the city’s infrastructure resulting in traffic congestion, power failures and internet outages. And Manila’s location downstream from areas of mass deforestation, coupled with underdeveloped drainage, make it vulnerable to flooding.

A Better Place To Work (And Live)

Technology Elite is located in Clark, Philippines. Although it’s only two hours from Manila, we encourage staff to relocate to Clark if they’re not already living nearby.

A former U.S. airbase, Clark is a gateway to the Philippines with regular flights each day. Unlike it’s more metropolitan cousins, Clark is laidback and relaxed. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring. On the contrary, there are lots of opportunities to hike, swim, kayak, and picnic. There are many parks, lakes, beaches and mountains to explore. And plenty of restaurants and bars to visit in this food and wine haven.

An Emerging Business and Residential Landmark

The Filipino government has committed record spending to attract business (and staff) to Clark including:

  • Railway connecting Clark, Manila and Subic
  • Expansion of Clark International Airport
  • Growth in retail precincts and residential housing
  • Tax exemptions and incentives

Security for Your Staff and Systems

To ensure the absolute safety of our staff and systems, Technology Elite has 24-hour security and biometric scanning at the building entrance which means nobody uninvited is getting in.

Your technology and online access are protected with website filtering / blocking, WatchGuard routing, and security.

And we have strict Covid protocols in place to ensure the health of all staff.

Onboarding, Admin, and Ongoing Training

While other offshore facilities follow the ‘sink or swim’ philosophy, we are committed to finding and keeping the very best staff. That’s why we invest heavily in the onboarding phase – supporting you and your staff as you begin working together. We can also help with some technical and non-technical training, but remember, it’s important for you to show your staff exactly how you like things configured and completed, since every business has different processes and preferences.

Fast, Reliable Internet and Power

Clark has military-grade power infrastructure which is further enhanced by our generator backup system. We provide five links from four providers across three diverse paths, including fibre optic and Starlink (with guaranteed bandwidth, low latency link, and QOS for best voice quality). And live monitoring means you always know what’s happening. Since bandwidth is allocated per team (by VLAN), you can be sure that no other client’s usage will interfere with your own.

Ergonomic Health, Comfort and Productivity

Each spacious desk comes with a fully ergonomic chair for health and comfort. Professional adjustable desk mounting for equipment, for ergonomics and safety. A fast computer with webcam and noise-cancelling headset enables you to hold online meetings with your staff. Standard Computer Spec: Laptop with recent model i5, 16GB RAM, SSD Drive and additional 22’ or 23” monitor. (Additional monitor available for a small fee.) And as your team grows, you can even have your own private office suite.

Relax and Recharge for Optimal Performance

A large lunchroom with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking lush, green views provides the perfect place for staff to relax and recharge. A fully equipped kitchen is available for their use. And modern bathrooms are kept meticulously clean. These things may seem simple, but they are part of the reason staff say they love working here.

Free Meals and a Place to Belong

Staff receive a delicious and nutritious lunch each day. Monthly activities and regular events help staff build strong friendships and support groups. And a local manager helps them feel secure and valued in their role. This leads to happy, productive teams that work harder and stay longer.

But Don’t Take It from Us – Here’s What Some Of Our Staff Say About Our Office

More than 410 tech experts work from the Technology Elite office or under a WFH arrangement. Here’s what some of them say about working here:

“It’s so different to what I’ve experienced before. I like how the staff is concerned about how motivated I am and checking on every staff every day, just to make sure everyone is motivated to go to work. I like how everyone smiles and greets you and it feels like a family more than just a company or workplace you go to every day. That’s why I enjoy being a part of Tech Elite.”

IT Support Engineer, Sydney MSP

“The main reason why I’m working here in Technology Elite is the management itself. They are taking care of the people we have here in the company. And at the same time, once we have a good relationship we have a good relationship with employee and employer, we’re building a family. And when we’re building a family, it’s going to be home. That’s the reason why I’m working at Technology Elite, I’ve found a home here.”

IT Support Engineer, Sydney MSP

“Who wouldn’t want to work in a morning shift with weekends off, great compensation, great benefits like getting to travel to Australia? I’ve been there last July and will be going back there in 3 months time in the span of one year. People are just lovely. They’re the best team I’ve ever had. So, come join us and apply with Technology Elite.”

Customer Success Team Leader, Sydney SaaS

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