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The Only Offshoring Company Founded by an Award-Winning MSP

We have helped 160+ IT leaders to attract A-players, scale up, and champion a winning multi-shore culture, so they can elevate their service and multiply their profit margins

Running A Profitable MSP Is Tough

Solving a barrage of urgent tech problems every day has always been challenging (we know – we ran our own award-winning MSP for 15 years). But like many MSPs, perhaps you’re now also struggling with…

Local Talent Crisis

With increased demand caused by remote working, digital transformation, skyrocketing security risks and fewer skilled workers due to closed borders… finding and keeping good staff is more difficult and expensive than ever. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to solidify and grow your team so you can meet increased workload and scale your company.

Sky-rocketing Wages

When rocketing I.T. staff goes up (like the 344% increase we’ve seen in some tech services recently), wages follow (by an average of 30% in the last 12 months). It puts your margins under attack. Maybe you’re looking for ways to maintain (and improve) profits as your costs increase. We used offshoring in our own (now sold) MSP increase margins from 7% to 22% whilst improving client satisfaction.

Clients Expect More For Less

Now, more than ever, your clients want fast service and extra support to secure their systems and keep them online during uncertain times. Perhaps you’re looking for more efficient ways to meet (and exceed) growing client expectations.

Are You Working Harder Just To Stand Still?

  • Many tech teams feel like they’re racing to solve clients’ emerging problems, without being equally compensated.
  • Others feel forced to pay higher wages to find and keep staff, which further erodes profits.
  • In some cases, increased competition is undermining loyalty and causing extra pressures as new tech companies join the growing industry.
  • Some companies have been burned trying to outsource overseas – frustrated by the lack of control they have over people (who often work for multiple companies at once), processes, and outcomes they need to maintain client service.
  • Others have been frustrated by generic BPOs that waste your time and money putting the wrong people in the wrong positions – and then charge you to make the same mistakes again.
  • And like many tech teams, perhaps you’re starting to feel like you’re working harder just to stand still (and need to find a more efficient way to regain control before you lose ground)?

The Solution

Offshoring As A Competitive Advantage

Maybe you’ve heard about offshoring and wondered (perhaps sceptically) if it may be the answer you’ve been looking for. As an award-winning MSP ourselves, we had that same thought back in 2012. Not only did we successfully use offshoring to grow our MSP business (which we’ve since sold), we eventually started our own facility in the Philippines and have now helped more than 160 tech teams harness the power of offshoring to…

Boost Your Effective
Hourly Rate

With offshore wages around one third of Australian wages, you can recover your margins and instantly boost your effective hourly rate.

Increase Team

Delegating routine tasks to your offshore team frees your onshore staff to work in more strategic and proactive areas to grow your business, making everyone more successful and fulfilled at work.

Deliver Super-Human

Segmenting and assigning tasks to your offshore team enables you to go the extra mile for clients while still saving wages.

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Introducing Technology Elite Your Secret Weapon For Long-Term Offshoring Success

As an award-winning MSP keen to save on wages while providing superior service for our clients, we employed our first offshore team member in 2012. Since then, we have helped more than 160 other tech teams recruit, manage, and retain skilled IT staff, elevate their service, multiply their margins, and scale their business for around one third the labour cost.

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From humble origins servicing our own MSP’s needs in 2010, the Technology Elite team has grown to more than 410 members.

What Makes Us Different

We Only Work With MSPs & Technology Teams

While other offshore facilities generalise across multiple industries, we specialise in building tech teams. Not only do we know how to find, vet, and recruit the best tech experts, our purpose-built facility is designed (with security, power, and internet redundancies) especially for tech related businesses. (Yes, we also support WFH & Hybrid Approaches if that is your preference!)

We Spent A Decade Growing Our Own Award-Winning MSP

Technology Elite was born out of our own need to source offshore staff for our MSP company (which we have since sold). After making many expensive mistakes (including wasting time with generic BPOs), we have perfected a framework for recruiting, managing, and retaining A-level staff for more than 160 tech companies.

We Are Notoriously Fussy About Which Candidates We Endorse

Onboarding, training, and integrating new team members can be time consuming and expensive. That’s why we go to so much trouble to make sure we only bring you the most suitable candidates. In fact, only 4% pass our rigorous qualifying process.

We Are Not An ‘Outsourcing’ Company

Outsourcing typically involves contracting independent freelancers to complete specific tasks on a short-term basis. This model is hit-and-miss because you have little control over your people, processes, and outcomes. Offshoring with Technology Elite is very different. While we help you recruit, manage, and retain skilled workers, they are employed by you. In essence, you maintain full control over your offshore staff, processes, and intellectual property, while we look after all the administration including HR, payroll, government compliance, and office facilities.

We Take A ‘Quality Over Quantity’ Approach To Hiring

While many other offshore providers focus on building large teams, we strive to grow effective teams with an emphasis on relationships, premium performance, and long-term staff retention.

We Bridge Cultural Differences To Create Successful Teams

While 92% of Filipinos may speak basic conversational English, the culture is very different, especially when it comes to authority and hierarchy. This is the number one reason why many companies struggle with offshoring. We help our clients understand the intricacies of the Philippine culture and integrate their offshore team with their onshore staff to optimise success. Our average retention rate of 98% over the past 10 years shows our processes work.

We Provide A Fair, Simple & Transparent Structure

There are no hidden costs, mark-ups, or extras in our business model. Just a fair, flat, fully transparent fee per team member. That means you can have your first highly-skilled offshore team member lightening your load in as little as 30 days. And an entire team running like clockwork within a year, so you can scale your business and profits with certainty.

What Roles Do We Offer?

With more than 90 million people who can speak conversational English (the fourth largest in the world), and many in the 20-30 age bracket skilled in tech, the Philippines is a gold mine of young, enthusiastic talent. Click here to browse roles and pricing.


Where Most Offshoring Solutions Leave Off, We’re Only Getting Started

We’ve not only perfected the processes to help you recruit the most-skilled staff, we provide guidance and support to help you manage and retain your team.

  1. Needs Analysis

    We don’t merely ask you what you need, but rather help you get clarity around your current shortfalls and future objectives. Then we help you create offshore role descriptions to bridge the gaps.

  2. Attracting Qualified Candidates

    We don’t merely ask you what you need, but rather help you get clarity around your current shortfalls and future objectives. Then we help you create offshore role descriptions to bridge the gaps.

  3. Recruiting The Best

    While other offshore providers rely on resumes and references (which are grossly misleading in the Philippines), we create specific exams that grade candidates based on 14 skill categories especially relevant for tech teams. This immediately eliminates 96% of applicants leaving only the very best. Then we use an incognito test to assess English skills (so we get a real result). And we shortlist candidates for you to interview (and provide guidance to help you compare candidates and negotiate an appropriate salary).

  4. Onboarding Your New Team

    Recruiting the right people is just the first step towards offshoring success. Now we help you manage and retain your staff. This begins in the onboarding process where we help your staff settle into their new, secure office (with spacious desk and chair, computer, webcam, headset, phone, and internet), provide training in communication and expectations when working with a foreign boss, and help them feel welcome with lots of social events and lunch provided each day.

  5. Ongoing Advisory

    A dedicated Team Advisor works with you and your team (through monthly meetings, quarterly reviews, and regular training sessions) to ensure proficiency of tasks, productivity (benchmarked with other teams), and job satisfaction that leads to unmatched staff retention and offshoring success.

  6. Reporting

    Weekly / Monthly reporting of days / hours worked, KPIs met, training completed / required and more, further support your own management processes. While your staff may be thousands of kilometres away, we’ll help you function as if you were in the next room.

  7. Partnership In Offshoring Success

    Our whole philosophy is centred on helping you successfully use offshoring to grow your team, enhance your service, and scale your business. We provide the guidance to help you get your offshoring plan right from the start. We help you find, onboard, train, and manage your first team members. And when the time is right, we help you select and train managers so you can continue to grow your team. We’re here for you every step of the way in this partnership in offshoring success.

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What Other Leading Tech Firms Are Saying About Technology Elite

Since 2012 we’ve helped more than 160 tech firms recruit, manage, and retain skilled staff so they can slash their wages and elevate their service. Here’s a small sample of what they are saying about their results and experience working with Technology Elite:

“As cliché as it may sound, we’re focused on delighting our customers.

Without Tech Elite, and the ability to rapidly spin up this capability, we would have missed this opportunity and potentially lost the client to an MSP with greater global capabilities.

But when we started talking to dozens of clients with a global presence, it was too much. We needed to do something.

Our initial attempts at building an international team were grueling. Like everyone in tech, we’re control freaks. They’ve helped us with everything including recruiting, wages, benefits, healthcare, employee evaluations, and nurturing our team. It’s very co-managed, we’re very much in it together.

Not only has StoredTech been able to maintain exceptional service to their growing list of global clients, but they have also slashed waiting times for some of their most popular services. Our waiting list to migrate clients to M365 used to be 90 days. Now it’s down to just 7 days. And we can easily complete 20 projects per month, which gives us a huge advantage in the market.

One client even confessed that he asked his buddy, another IT veteran, to poke around their company’s IT environment and see how he thought StoredTech were doing.

The friend came back to the client and said that there was nothing more he could recommend – their bios, firmware, and patches were all up to date.

We’ve reduced the stress and headaches across our team. They’re not up all night working. They know they’re supported when they leave the office at the end of the day.”

President, StoredTech

“Recruiting the right people locally was a big challenge. All the applicants seemed to jump from one MSP to another.  Or they didn’t seem aligned with our values or culture.

Meanwhile, we were really excited about how our experiment with offshoring was going, so we thought, why not keep building the offshore team?

It’s paid off.

The offshore team hold us together when our local staff are sick, have a publish holiday, or take leave. These guys just keep everything going.

We’ve got four great local engineers. But when they have on-sites, our other client work used to build up. That’s no longer an issue because now I can just ask the offshore team if they’re available to work an extra couple of hours to get through the backlog.

Previously, we just weren’t keeping up with alerts, patches and backups. Now the offshore team have a weekly rotation around alerts and maintenance. It’s fantastic that someone owns that – now I know it’s actually getting done.

Really, this whole thing started as an experiment and it’s paid off 150%.

Our team, our clients and our directors are all really impressed. We’ve actually just increased their salaries again to reflect the value they’re bringing to the business.”

Head of Managed Services, Leap Consulting

“We’ve seen a lot of growth in the last few years. Particularly as we got more involved with virtual desktop stuff for school districts and businesses.

We were having a lot of trouble finding and retaining local staff for our 24/7 support graveyard shift. A lot of candidates would claim they could do it, but only stick it out for a month or two. Leaving us to pick up the pieces.

That meant we were often short-staffed and scrambling to fill the shift, which was hard on our core team.

We started with another offshoring company for 6-8 months. But it wasn’t working. The staff they gave us were working across a number of businesses. It was too rigid and did not allow us to train people on our specific processes. Our environments are pretty complicated, so training the right people to our systems is really important. Tech Elite let us do that. They gave us employees who work directly for us.

As we grew our offshore team, our local team were able to focus on more complicated and more important jobs rather than the phone calls and tickets coming in. It also allowed us to handle more work.

Today we’ve trained our offshore team on more and more tasks. Now they assist with the project side of things, like creating new environments, expanding things for clients, more complicated tasks.

If we found Tech Elite sooner, we could have grown our company faster. The old way of hiring is so time consuming for a small team like ours. We used to be overwhelmed with resumes. There was no vetting process. And the vast majority of people weren’t even taking the time to read our job description.

We really love Tech Elite’s vetting process. They don’t just throw resumes at you. All the people you interview have been vetted with multiple interviews and practical tests. That’s been really, really, really helpful.

We are very impressed.”

Director of Operations, Handy Networka

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The quickest and easiest way to learn more about offshoring (and how to recruit, manage and retain skilled staff at around one third the wage cost) is to speak with an experienced Offshoring Expert:

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