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Staff Work For You, Directly

Unlike freelancing and traditional outsourcing models, your Technology Elite team works directly for you and no one else. That means they are 100% focused on your clients and fully accountable to your processes. We make it easy to find, manage, and retain the best staff. Your staff will enjoy a safe, secure, productive office space. And we’ll take care of critical admin tasks including HR, payroll, contracts, and government compliance.

Structured For
Long-Term Success

Despite good intentions, many offshore freelancers struggle to balance family responsibilities, tax and compliance complexities, cybersecurity, and the cultural challenges of working with foreign companies. This can result in inconsistent performance, high staff churn, and fluctuating costs. Our Elite Hire Framework provides a proven structure to avoid false starts, grow your team, and produce consistent results at a set cost. It’s all about scaling with certainty.

Your Investment Is Comprised of Two Parts

With Technology Elite, there are no surprises, hidden costs, or expensive extras. Our totally-transparent, fixed monthly fee enables you to plan with confidence and includes:

Employee Services Fee

This flat monthly fee covers all the same costs you bear each month with your onshore team (including office space, power, IT, HR/legal etc.). Plus we help you find, vet, recruit, and retain the best staff. It also includes workplace benefits like a daily nutritious lunch, monthly activities, annual events, training, and lots of ongoing care.

Employee Salary Package

This is the ‘wage’ that goes directly to your staff (including tax and medical contributions). There is no markup whatsoever. While we provide guidance to help you set and review staff salaries, you negotiate the final arrangement with each team member.

PART 1:employee services fee

What Your “Services Fee” Covers

For just one all-inclusive service fee you get full support and guidance from our 10 years’ experience growing our own MSP team and helping more than 160 tech teams leverage the power of offshoring to boost their capacity, margins, and profits. Here are just some of the things you get:

Serviced Office

Our fully secure professional office facilities (located in Clark) were created to foster efficiency, creativity, and happiness. Each team member has their own spacious desk and comfortable, ergonomic office chair. Staff can access meeting rooms for training and collaborative projects. We also provide a spacious lunchroom with fully equipped kitchen, giving your team a relaxing place to socialise and recharge.

IT Equipment & Services

Nothing frustrates staff more than outdated or unreliable technology. That’s why we provide a fast computer with dual screens, webcam, and noise-cancelling headset, all fully maintained by our own in-house ITIL team. Backup power and triple-redundant fibre optic internet (with guaranteed bandwidth, low latency link, and QOS for best voice quality) keeps your team reliably connected. All with a live monitoring link so you can always know what’s happening, and fully secured with VLAN, Gateway Firewall, Application blocking, and VPN as required.

HR Support & Staff Services

Without local knowledge, meeting staff expectations and government compliance in a foreign country can be daunting. Our expert HR, Legal, and Admin team supports you with employment contracts, salary advice, payroll, taxation, performance appraisals (including disciplinary support) and even the administration of training courses. In short, we take care of all the back-office tasks so you and your team can focus on your core business.

Staff Perks

Superstar staff (which we help you find) are eager to do their best, and always looking to improve. That’s one of the reasons why they love our extensive onboarding which helps them understand your business and expectations and prepares them for success as part of your team.

Our Training Lab and regular Courses inspire and equip your staff with skills to give you even greater value. And monthly activities (with games and prizes) and regular events all contribute to our low, single-figure staff churn and high job satisfaction rates.

Client Perks

Our entire advisory framework is designed to help you get your offshore strategy right from day one. Plus, we help you to bond with your team through our travel concierge with flight advice, transfer and hotel booking assistance, and transport from the airport. So there’s no excuse to miss our Christmas party!

want more flexibility?

Work-From-Home Options Now Available

Covid-19 has forced many companies to adopt remote and hybrid working models. While some companies have struggled with this transition, others have found new offshoring options to expand their teams.

Naturally, we will always continue to offer full support in our Technology Elite Office Facility. But now you also have the option to receive the same level of support (including recruitment, training, HR, payroll, tax, team advisor and I.T. equipment support) under a work-from-home arrangement.

Here are some relevant questions you may have about this new flexible working model:

If my team members are working from home, why should I use Technology Elite
instead of hiring them directly?

With Technology Elite work-from-home, you are managing your staff directly, much as you would if you were using LinkedIn or something else to find and deal with staff directly. But unless you’re highly skilled in Filipino culture and expectations, it’s difficult to be a company that Filipinos will want to stay with for a long time.

Do you understand what Filipinos need in a benefits package? Do you understand how their families respond to that benefits package? Do you understand how the family influences staff to stay or leave? Are you confident that your employees will come to their “scary” foreign boss and tell you that they need a performance review? Do you know what a review needs to look like to a Filipino in order to be respectful and useful? (Or will your staff simply resign due to lack of feedback?) Will you know when staff are feeling under-valued or exhausted if they don’t tell you? How about foreign exchange rates, bank fees and taxes impacting their income unexpectedly? Are you sure you’re paying enough to compensate them for that added stress?

Great staff have many employment options and they won’t settle for one who doesn’t understand them or their culture.

Paying staff directly is easy these days. But, building relationships that overcome cultural barriers and lead to high retention? That is hard. You can go it alone, or you can work with a company who has 12+ years of experience at it.

What does my Employee Services Fee cover for team members working from home?

Your work-from-home team members receive the same support as those who work in our Clark office, including: recruitment, training, HR, payroll, tax and compliance support, team advisor and I.T. equipment and support.

The main difference between WFH and WFO/Hybrid is the reliability of the infrastructure and environment.

Naturally, a dispersed workforce means that some of the support cannot be delivered in real time (e.g. computer replacement being shipped to a house takes 1-2 days). And at home we can’t guarantee the same productive environment.

For example, for our office to exceed ‘5 nines’ uptime, we have diesel generator backup for power (with auto-start), and we have 5 links from 4 providers, across 3 diverse paths. In a country where 80% uptime is routinely considered “business grade”, building a ‘never down’ office takes a lot of effort and ongoing cost.

It’s not just the infrastructure that creates a productive environment. Some employees have small families or big houses. Most have big families and small houses. Very few have a separate room in the house to work in – maybe 5%. There is no way in recruitment to be sure of what environment comes with your employee, or when that will change.

If high productivity is not your biggest concern then you may be happy with the compromise and allow WFH. As of 2023 approximately 25% of our headcount is home-based, and we do not see this increasing. (In fact, the trend has been gradually decreasing with many employers reverting to an in-office preference.)

All of our Service Packages are designed with the same underlying support, so the choice is entirely yours. You can even mix and match the team, and you can also change your mind on location later. Just be aware that it’s harder to get staff to change from WFH to WFO, and much easier in the other direction.

How do I know if "Work From Home" or "In Office" is more suitable for my business?

We have more than 10 years’ experience growing and managing both in-office and remote teams. During your Free Offshoring Opportunity Assessment, an experienced offshoring advisor will seek to understand your needs, answer all your questions, and provide you with objective benefits of work from home, in office, and hybrid models.

Your employee Services Package

Office Based (Or Hybrid)
Home Based
2-4 Employees
$₱35,000 PHP
$₱23,000 PHP
Month/Seat + Direct Salary Package
5-9 Employees
$₱33,250 PHP
$₱21,850 PHP
Month/Seat + Direct Salary Package
10+ Employees
$₱31,500 PHP
$₱20,700 PHP
Month/Seat + Direct Salary Package
Prices Start From PHP 20,700 Per Month Per Seat
(Approx US $365/AUD $560)
PART 2: employee salary package

What Roles Do We Offer?

Whether you’re looking for Help Desk Support, Server and Network Technicians, or Designers and Developers, Technology Elite is committed to helping you find the right people for the right positions.

We start with your goal in mind, then design the optimal role description based on what you’re trying to achieve. This role might be quite different to the type of candidate you would otherwise hire onshore. Then we help you find, recruit, onboard, train, and retain the absolute best staff so you can grow your company with confidence.

Unlike other staffing solutions, we don’t charge a commission based on salary. You can be sure our advice is always in your best interest and covered by a single, transparent, monthly fee (never commissions).

You may find some of the following salaries are higher than other outsourcing companies. That’s because we tell you the truth upfront (we will never mislead you with inaccurate figures). And because our philosophy is based around getting you a reliable result, which means paying realistic wages (that are still around 60% less than onshore wages).

IT Related Roles Base SalaryPHP Approx
Customer Support / Level 0 / Inbound Call Dispatch (No IT Experience)Ask Us
IT Analyst (1-2 Years Of Very Narrow Bpo It Experience)Ask Us
IT Analyst (Level 1 Msp Style, Primarily Desktop Support)Ask Us
Central Services Engineer (“Level 1.5” Broad Skillset)Ask Us
IT Systems Engineer (Level 2 Msp Style Broad Skillset)Ask Us
- No MSP ExperienceAsk Us
- 3 Years + MSP ExperienceAsk Us
Microsoft Server SpecialistAsk Us
Azure Or AWS SpecialistAsk Us
Network Specialist (Mid Skill)Ask Us
Service Coordinator / Dispatch (Basic IT Experience + Team Lead Experience)Ask Us
Mid Skill Frontend Developer (React/JS)Ask Us
Senior Front Developer (React/JS)Ask Us
Senior Mobile DeveloperAsk Us
Senior Backend DeveloperAsk Us
Website Developer (PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, CSS)Ask Us
Salesforce DeveloperAsk Us
Software Tester (Specific Experience Impacts Salary Greatly)Ask Us

Finance Industry Roles Base SalaryPHP Approx
Accountant / Bookkeeper (PH Experience Only)Ask Us
Senior / CPA Accountant (PH Experience Only)Ask Us
Accountant / Bookkeeper (AUS or NZ Experience)Ask Us
Senior / CPA (AUS Experience)Ask Us
Specialist SMSF AccountantAsk Us
Paraplanner Admin (No Formal Qualification)Ask Us
Paraplanner (Qualified RG146)Ask Us

Sales/Marketing Roles Base Salary **PHP Approx
Procurement Sales Support (IT Industry)Ask Us
Sales Support (No IT Industry Experience)Ask Us
Digital Marketing CoordinatorAsk Us
Social Media Specialist (Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)Ask Us
Senior Lead Gen Outbound (Very High English)Ask Us
Business Development ManagerAsk Us
Customer Support Inbound CallAsk Us

happy clients

What Other Leading Tech Firms Are Saying About Technology Elite

Since 2012 we’ve helped more than 160 tech firms recruit, manage, and retain skilled staff so they can slash their wages and elevate their service. Here’s a small sample of what they are saying about their results and experience working with Technology Elite:

“As cliché as it may sound, we’re focused on delighting our customers.

Without Tech Elite, and the ability to rapidly spin up this capability, we would have missed this opportunity and potentially lost the client to an MSP with greater global capabilities.

But when we started talking to dozens of clients with a global presence, it was too much. We needed to do something.

Our initial attempts at building an international team were grueling. Like everyone in tech, we’re control freaks. They’ve helped us with everything including recruiting, wages, benefits, healthcare, employee evaluations, and nurturing our team. It’s very co-managed, we’re very much in it together.

Not only has StoredTech been able to maintain exceptional service to their growing list of global clients, but they have also slashed waiting times for some of their most popular services. Our waiting list to migrate clients to M365 used to be 90 days. Now it’s down to just 7 days. And we can easily complete 20 projects per month, which gives us a huge advantage in the market.

One client even confessed that he asked his buddy, another IT veteran, to poke around their company’s IT environment and see how he thought StoredTech were doing.

The friend came back to the client and said that there was nothing more he could recommend – their bios, firmware, and patches were all up to date.

We’ve reduced the stress and headaches across our team. They’re not up all night working. They know they’re supported when they leave the office at the end of the day.”

President, StoredTech

“Recruiting the right people locally was a big challenge. All the applicants seemed to jump from one MSP to another.  Or they didn’t seem aligned with our values or culture.

Meanwhile, we were really excited about how our experiment with offshoring was going, so we thought, why not keep building the offshore team?

It’s paid off.

The offshore team hold us together when our local staff are sick, have a publish holiday, or take leave. These guys just keep everything going.

We’ve got four great local engineers. But when they have on-sites, our other client work used to build up. That’s no longer an issue because now I can just ask the offshore team if they’re available to work an extra couple of hours to get through the backlog.

Previously, we just weren’t keeping up with alerts, patches and backups. Now the offshore team have a weekly rotation around alerts and maintenance. It’s fantastic that someone owns that – now I know it’s actually getting done.

Really, this whole thing started as an experiment and it’s paid off 150%.

Our team, our clients and our directors are all really impressed. We’ve actually just increased their salaries again to reflect the value they’re bringing to the business.”

Head of Managed Services, Leap Consulting

“We’ve seen a lot of growth in the last few years. Particularly as we got more involved with virtual desktop stuff for school districts and businesses.

We were having a lot of trouble finding and retaining local staff for our 24/7 support graveyard shift. A lot of candidates would claim they could do it, but only stick it out for a month or two. Leaving us to pick up the pieces.

That meant we were often short-staffed and scrambling to fill the shift, which was hard on our core team.

We started with another offshoring company for 6-8 months. But it wasn’t working. The staff they gave us were working across a number of businesses. It was too rigid and did not allow us to train people on our specific processes. Our environments are pretty complicated, so training the right people to our systems is really important. Tech Elite let us do that. They gave us employees who work directly for us.

As we grew our offshore team, our local team were able to focus on more complicated and more important jobs rather than the phone calls and tickets coming in. It also allowed us to handle more work.

Today we’ve trained our offshore team on more and more tasks. Now they assist with the project side of things, like creating new environments, expanding things for clients, more complicated tasks.

If we found Tech Elite sooner, we could have grown our company faster. The old way of hiring is so time consuming for a small team like ours. We used to be overwhelmed with resumes. There was no vetting process. And the vast majority of people weren’t even taking the time to read our job description.

We really love Tech Elite’s vetting process. They don’t just throw resumes at you. All the people you interview have been vetted with multiple interviews and practical tests. That’s been really, really, really helpful.

We are very impressed.”

Director of Operations, Handy Networka

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