“Recruiting the right people locally was a big challenge. All the applicants seemed to jump from one MSP to another.  Or they didn’t seem aligned with our values or culture.

Meanwhile, we were really excited about how our experiment with offshoring was going, so we thought, why not keep building the offshore team?

It’s paid off.

The offshore team hold us together when our local staff are sick, have a publish holiday, or take leave. These guys just keep everything going.

We’ve got four great local engineers. But when they have on-sites, our other client work used to build up. That’s no longer an issue because now I can just ask the offshore team if they’re available to work an extra couple of hours to get through the backlog.

Previously, we just weren’t keeping up with alerts, patches and backups. Now the offshore team have a weekly rotation around alerts and maintenance. It’s fantastic that someone owns that – now I know it’s actually getting done.

Really, this whole thing started as an experiment and it’s paid off 150%.

Our team, our clients and our directors are all really impressed. We’ve actually just increased their salaries again to reflect the value they’re bringing to the business.”

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